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Here is a list of some of my favorite short stories, many which were turned into audio projects for my work on radio and local television (See the VISIONS section for more.).

A Father's Love – A man sits in a lonely attic on Christmas eve, facing his father's death as he looks through a trunk of old memories his father has collected over the years. A note from his father, shares the truth about his love for his son and reintroduces him to the sweetest thing about Christmas - the Father’s love!


Ears to Hear – A sweet young girl of 15, Amanda, is going deaf. She sits by her window of her family's beach house, somehow knowing that tonight is the night she will hear the sounds of the ocean for the last time. Through the love of the family's maid, Rachel, that Amanda learns what it means to listen inside to the still small voice of the Almighty.

Every Season’s Change – Jimmy, a young husband and father, is alone on a highway in a blinding snowstorm, driving a truck to feed his family and now he wonders if he will even make it home. A voice on his CB radio from a mysterious man named Joshua, speaks words of hope and offers Jimmy a choice between death and life, despair and new hope.

Journey – A young girl, alone and on the edge of a precipice, is rescued from her pain by a vision of a bird who takes her through her own Dark Night of the Soul. As she journeys with this shifting shadow, she comes to see the One who is carrying her through on the wings of His great sacrifice of love. She awakens to a new springtime dawn of hope and promise.

See the Baby – A young boy named Adam is moved deeply when he learns that his neighbor and family friend, Mrs. Miriam has lost her son in the war. It is Christmas, a time when we see the baby Jesus in the manger. But, as Adam reaches out to Mrs. Miriam, he comes to discover a new way to see the baby for all He truly is...

Shepherd's Watch – A young shepherd boy sits with his father out in the fields, on a cold, lonely night. There they talk about the coming of the Great Shepherd – one who will be like David. Suddenly, there is a heavenly messenger, and little Micah and his father become witnesses to the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem.

Snow Waffles and Teddy Bear Toast – A man sits in a dark room, grieving the loss of his beloved wife. Though his children try, they can't seem to break through to him. It will take the special love of a young boy who loves to make Teddy Bear Toast and Snow Waffles, to show his grandpa how to live again.

The Baptist’s Cry – Andrew and Deborah are witnessing Deborah's father, John, as he goes through the last agonizing days of his battle with cancer. As they come to terms with God’s purposes for John’s pain, it is Andrew who experiences the Baptist’s Cry, the cry of one unsure of God’s plan, but committed to its unfolding transformation in his life.

Violent Peace – David is a young husband and father who is just coming back to work at a psychiatric unit after losing a patient to suicide. He is finding it a little tougher than he remembered as he encounters a new patient with very serious issues. With the help of his best friend, Father Peter, David learns that true peace comes out of the violence of the cross.


Sacred Poetry - My Song Collection

I've been trying my hand at Christian poetry and song-writing. I hope you are blessed by these comforting words..

Love Weighed Down

In the Garden, olive press
Savior God in deep distress.
Bloody sweat upon your brow,
To your Father’s will you bow.
Followers in sorrow deep,
Burdened by a sinful sleep.
Torture, crucifixion, painful death at hand…

Angel comforts, filled with awe,
Living light Lord comes to draw.
Bathed in beams of heaven’s love,
Lifts His eyes to realms above.
Ready now to face the hour,
Strengthened to display His pow’r,
Total pure submission, bows to God’s command…


Love is trampled by the sorrow of the burden that He bore,
Sin is pressed down like the olives at the heavy crushing floor.
Still the Savior was not broken, set His eyes upon the hill,
To Golgotha and the cruel cross, His purpose to fulfill.

Can the glory of the sacrifice sink deep within my heart,
Can I wonder at the love He bore to purchase my new start.
As iniquity is borne in nail-scared hands and thorny crown.
By the Savior who surrendered to the pain of love weighed down.

Jesus Suffering D.jpg

In the hearing mocked and scorned,
While His friends their Savior mourned.
Brothers scattered, cruel denial,
Soon to walk the rugged mile,
Scourged and beaten, wrongly tried,
None are present by His side,
Bears the heavy cross and struggles up the hill…

Unprotected and exposed,
Savior silent, mouth is closed,
Gambled clothing, seamless gown,
At the summit now thrown down,
Nailed and lifted before men,
Mocked and jeered at once again,
Yet forgiveness is the word He offers still…


Suffering Savior breathes His last,
Future set from fulfilled past,
Heavens darken, earth it quakes,
Curtain torn as temple shakes.
Grave is borrowed, stone is sealed,
Father’s wrath is now revealed,
As the Savior now descends to deepest hell.


But the sin He bore with gladness,
To deliver from our sadness,
All who seek Him and who follow,
Death unable now to swallow,
Third day rising now in glory,
To complete salvation’s story,
Now our calling His Good News the world to tell.


To Do Your Will


There will come a day when I will see the fruit of labors done, 
And a day when I will witness every holy vict'ry won, 
So with all that is within me I press on to win the prize, 
And await the perfect vision made for my eternal eyes...

One day I'll look upon the face of one who's joining in the race,
A soul like mine who found the courage to begin,
And though the journey may be long, I'll share your sacred, saving song,
And live the fellowship that's graced from deep within.

Chorus Four...

Lead the way and we will follow, speak the Word, and we will go, 
It is only in its dying that a seed will ever grow,
For your promise is forever and your sacred call is still,
To seek your Love, to live your life, to do your will. 


The hour has come, the day is nigh and like the seabird I must fly, 
Across your ocean to a distant, shining shore. 
The tide is high, the wind is strong, but I have learned my Savior's song, 
And deep within a voice is calling out for more. 

Chorus One...
Lead the way and I will follow, speak the Word, and I will go, 
It is only in its dying that a seed will ever grow,
There's a promise in my heart that you alone can now fulfill, 
Within your Love, within your life, within your will. 

And though I bring a heavy load, when I first walk this narrow road, 
My sorrows, sins, and sadness, pain and shattered dreams.
My brother lifts me up to stand, He walks beside me, takes my hand, 
And satisfies my thirsty soul from living streams. 

Chorus Two... 

Wash the stain, remove my blindness, cleanse my heart, renew my mind, 
Set my feet upon your mountain, so your glory I may find. 
Be the cure and be the healing for sin's bitter poison pill, 
Give me your love, give me your life, give me your will. 


His Grace it gifts me for the task, for all that He may ever ask, 
His servant ever ready for my sacred role. 
I play my part on heaven's stage; I touch a heart and turn a page, 
And share His love with every wounded searching soul. 

Chorus Three... 

You're my joy and you're my comfort, you're my vision, you're my King, 
You're the One who brings me purpose and the reason that I sing, 
There's one journey I have followed and the path is clearer still, 
To seek your love, to seek your life, to seek your will. 

Song of Joy

O Son of Man and Son of God,
A little lower than the angels, yet He trod
Upon the earth, to save His seed,
And spoke eternal Truth in sacred word and deed.

O suffering Son, Whose blood ran down,
Who took the cruel scourge and wore the thorny crown.
And rose again, to free the lost,
The One who gave His life to pay the greatest cost.

So sing as one and lift your hands, 
For we have come to hold as true His Great Commands.
In joy we rise and offer love,
As God indwells the living praise we raise above.

We shall press on until the day,
When He our every tear shall gently wipe away.
Forevermore to see His Face,
And live within the Kingdom touched by purest Grace.

Oh God of hosts to you we raise,
One voice united in an endless hymn of praise.
Your chosen race holy and free,
We stand before your throne around the glassy sea. 

We join the saints in festive throng,
And with the angels offer up our sacred song.
The One who saves has come to dwell,
Within the hearts He rescued from the depths of hell.

O Shepherd King with staff and rod, 
Who leads His weary sheep into the fold of God. 
In pastures green by waters stilled, 
Our cup it overflows until our souls are filled.

Our mansion home eternal keep,
Secured for us by love and mercy O so deep. 
Built on the Rock, our Cornerstone,
A sure foundation for the King's eternal throne. 


Song for the Sinless Lamb


Despised, rejected and forlorn,
The very reason you were born,
To bear the burden of our race,
And walk the road of Calvary to take our place.

Beneath the cross of sin and shame,
The scoffers dared to curse your name,
Yet darker still than blackest day,
To see your Father turn His holy eyes away

Chorus Three...

Oh Son of man, silent and sure,
You bore the scourge and crown and shed your blood so pure,
The suff’ring One from whom men hide,
The perfect gift of love, the sinless lamb who died.

Sealed in the tomb your broken form,
The curtain rent by Spirit’s storm,
Yielded your soul with dying breath,
And opened up the gates of heaven by your death. 

The third day past, the vict'ry won, 
Arose again, the Glorious Son,
O you the Life, the Truth, the Way,
The reason why we lift our choruses this day.

Chorus Four…

Oh conquering Lord, in pow’r and might,
You brought the day of perfect rest from darkest night,
Restored to stand at Father’s side,
The perfect gift of love, the sinless lamb who died.

(Repeat Chorus One)





We come to pray, we come to share,
To lift our praise, lay every care,
Before the throne of Christ the King,
To Him we raise our joyful voices as we sing.

Our words cannot describe your name, 
Our deeds fall short of your acclaim,
How can we ever hope to serve,
And offer you the life of love that you deserve.

Chorus One...

Oh Perfect Grace. holy, profound,
To save the wretched human race God’s Son came down,
And on that cross they crucified,
The perfect gift of love, the sinless lamb who died.

Your spoken words myst’ries revealed,
To teach the ones your Spirit sealed,
Your tender touch and healing hand,
Restored the sick and calmed the seas at your command.

You walked the road your children trod,
Displayed to all the face of God,
You wept for sin and pain and strife,
And offered up your flesh, the holy Bread of Life.

Chorus Two…

Oh Brother God, tempted and tired,
Your parables of life and love our souls inspired,
The servant King, the God who cried, 
The perfect gift of love, the sinless lamb who died.

I Was There

As you hung upon the crossbeam,
Purest love now flowed so true,
Crying, “Father, please forgive them,
For they know not what they do!”

All your words were living water,
All your deeds a living sign,
Given freely for salvation,
For the debt that once was mine…


And our every sin and sorrow,
Every  hunger, every thirst,
Was all satisfied in you Lord,
Who had loved us from the first…

At the Supper, in the Garden,
As you hung upon the tree,
In your mind and heart now holding,
All your children – even me –

For I was there!

I was there, when you calmed the stormy sea,
I was there, when you groaned upon the tree,
I was there, when you gave your life for me,
Every moment I was there,
All my burden yours to bear,
Lord I know your tender care – 
for I was there…
I was there…
I was there!

Upper room with your companions,
Men you chose to be your own,
Spoken words of love and comfort
Facing now your death alone…

Shared the bread and wine in sorrow,
Washing feet as though a slave,
Sent to heal and born to suffer,
Servant King who came to save…

I was there, when you offered up the bread,
I was there, when your hungry flock you fed,
I was there, when you raised us from the dead,
Set our feet on higher ground,
Spirit’s breath, the sweetest sound,
May our praise here now resound – 
for I was there!

Lying prostrate in the Garden,
Here the living olive press,
All man’s sins are laid upon you,
Bloody sweat and dark distress…

Drinking freely of our sorrows,
Truest friend now stands betrayed,
All your followers are scattered,
Cold denial, blood price paid…

Cross  Sunset.jpg

I was there, sword to sheathe and seed to sow,
I was there, bitter tears and rooster crow,
I was there, when the cup you took to show – 
That our victory was won,
By God’s One and Only Son,
Now in Him we stand as One –
for I was there!

Standing silent at your trial,
Mocking laughter, bitter rage,
Eyes so blind and ears unhearing,
Solemn drama, heaven’s stage…

Crowds are shouting, “Crucify Him!”
Bearing full the crushing load,
On the road of execution,
Heaven’s plan you now unfold…

I was there, when you spoke with fiery scorn,
I was there, savage whip and bloody thorn,
I was there, on that fateful early morn,
When my savior bled and died,
When the women stood and cried,
When my Lord they Crucified –
for I was there!

Hymn of Confession and Praise

Seeking soul, alone and lost,
'Tis for me you paid the cost.
Spread your arms upon the tree,
By your death you set me free.

I the chief of sinners know,
You descended here below.
In your Love you sought me out,
Raised this child from hate and doubt.


Savior King, Your blood so Pure,
What could make my end so sure?
Only love's great Sacrifice,
Paid this sinner's ransom price.

So will I be ever blessed,
Grateful heart within my chest.
Beating hopeful, evermore,
For my King at Heaven's door!


Silent soul in prison deep,
Destined for death's sinful sleep.
Rescued from my wicked state,
Snatched from hell's unyielding gate.
Wretched one in bondage torn,
Weak and weary, wounded, worn.
Blinded by my sin and shame,
Dared to speak the Savior's name!


I submit and I surrender to my King and my Defender, 
Jesus Christ, my True Confessor, freed me from my soul's oppressor, 
All the joy of my heart's beating, in the enemy's defeating. 
My soul sings and boldly raises, hope now dwells within my praises.

I confess and I resign, to the One whose grace is mine, 
For the Lord, my life to save, faced the cruel cross and grave, 
All my sin and darkest grief, now in Him has found relief, 
I'm renewed and I'm restored, by my gracious, loving Lord. 

Prison A.jpg

He Speaks to Me

Help me close my mind to this illusion,
Help me close my heart to Evil's rage. 
May I draw this glorious conclusion,
May my name be written on His page. 

Can it be that Love so pure could dwell among the lost?
Can it be that Grace so vast would pay the greatest cost?

True Love’s Patience faced the trial and the treason,
Took the scourging, bore the nails and the crown.
I will never grasp the wisdom or the reason,
Why the Son took flesh and to the earth came down.



Joy abounding, Hope now flowing from the fountain of His Grace, 
All the tears once shed in silence wiped away, 
Laughter leaping from the passion of a heart now set on fire. 
Newborn child stands to greet an endless day! 

What a gift to be forgiven by my Maker’s Son,
What a joy to join the chosen in the Vict’ry won!

Second Chorus... 

Reach B.jpg

Daylight comes with sorrow and repression,
Cannot see the glory in the Dawn.
Nighttime follows with its dark expression,
Draining all my strength to carry on.

Wondering if I can even bear my sin and shame,
Wondering if anybody even knows my name.

Seeking solace in a moment of surrender,
Nowhere else to turn to mediate my pain.
Searching for a voice that’s holy, pure and tender,
Still and solemn to restore my soul again.


He speaks to me...and I cannot comprehend
How the Son of God could deem me worthy still, 
As He pours His everlasting love upon my thirsty soul, 
And I walk the golden path within His will.

He speaks to me...and I echo in my soul, 
What redemption has rebirthed and now I praise. 
As I live a life of purpose guided by the Spirit's Truth, 
Speaking power in this anthem now I raise!



He speaks to me...from the Garden where He lay,
Prostrate on the ground in bloody agony.
Drinking of the cup of sorrows for the ones who cast Him down,
Rising up again to face the cross for me.

He speaks to me...Savior risen from the grave,
All my emptiness is swallowed in His Love,
Hope ascends to highest heaven; eyes are opened to His Light,
Flooding in my soul, descending from above. 

1 Corinthians 13 (Love is Patient, Love is Kind)


Every spoken word and prophecy will vanish,
Every partial truth and treasure pass away,
For the perfect comes in stride, childish ways are cast aside,
And forever we will live His endless day.

There are virtues three that will remain forever,
It is faith and hope and love that will endure,
But the greatest one of these, brings each sinner to his knees,
Is the love that died to be sin's perfect cure!


So I'll take Him at His Word and there surrender,
To the love that bled and died upon the tree,
No more foolish common sense, no more living in pretense,
For there's only one salvation fit for me.

There’s a beating in my heart that comes from heaven,
And a fire within these eyes that's touched by Grace,
For the strength within this frame and my new eternal name,
Come from One who left a throne to take my place.


If I speak in tongues of earthly men or angels,
I am clearly just a noisy, clanging gong,
If I fathom myst'ries vast, spend my life unto the last,
But if I don't love, I sing an empty song.

If I give myself to shame and persecution,
Or have faith to hurl a mountain to the sea,
But if love is lacking still, there's an empty place to fill,  
And I live for no one else but only me.


Love is patient, Love is kind, 
Doesn't have a boastful mind,
And it never will insist on its own course,
It's not selfish, sad or rude,
Hurtful, envious or crude,
For it bears all things and seeks its sacred source. 

Come My Weary, Wayward Wanderer

JD-I Man G.jpg

I will never comprehend your mercy,
Such a love that opened up His arms and died,
Upon the death tree, where you suffered for me,
So that I could be your spotless holy bride.

May my life song, celebrate your vict'ry,
May you occupy my praise in every way,
In your fam'ly, whom you've given to me,
Where I'll walk the golden streets with you some day!


O Lord my Savior, may my life be pleasing,
May in every aching heart I plant your seed,
So all those seeking, may now hear you speaking,
In my voice, my words and in my every deed!

May this story of my soul's salvation,
Be an open book of promises fulfilled. 
Your love's outpouring, and the great restoring,
Of this restless heart whose restlessness you stilled.


O Jesus save me, I'm a helpless Sinner,
Come and fill my aching heart and make me whole.
For I've disgraced you, and I've replaced you,
But there's nothing here that satisfies my soul.
O Lord, forgive me, though I don't deserve it,
Cleanse my heart and draw me near you once again.
For I have wandered, my faith I've squandered,
And I've lived a life of sorrow, sin and pain.


Come my child,  my weary, wayward wand'rer,
I am waiting at the cross arms open wide,
There is no blaming and no more shaming,
Take a place here at the table by my side.

For my burden is so light and easy, 
And my discipline is dealt in holy love,
For I desire to see your fire,
As I fashion you for heaven up above!


Names of Jesus

You're the hand that touched our sorrows,
You're the hope for all tomorrows,
You're the healer and the giver of new life.

You inhabit all our praises,
In the end your power raises,
Mortal flesh to resurrection, ending strife.

Over nations you are standing
Hosts of heaven you're commanding,
In your hand you hold the universe so vast.

You will come again in glory,
To complete your saving story,
You're the Alpha and Omega, First to Last.

You're the Godhead, full of splendor
You're my solid, strong defender,
And I rest upon the Rock, my Cornerstone.

Heaven cannot hold this treasure,
And your worth is beyond measure,
You're the One creation's heart has always known.

You’re my sight and you're my vision,
You're the Lord of no division,
You're the Power and the Majesty on High.

You're my Savior, you're my brother,
You are God, there is no other,
Who would come to earth to suffer and to die.

You are loving, you're forgiving,
You are water, ever-living,
You're the source of strength and joy within my soul.

Jesus serious.jpg

You're the One I'm always seeking,
You're the Word that's ever speaking,
You're my purpose and my everlasting goal.

You're the Lamb who went to slaughter,
To redeem each son and daughter,
You're the Shepherd of the Sheep and you are good.

You're the Vine and you're the Grower,
You're the Seed and you're the Sower,
And you nurture as no other ever could.

You're the Great I Am, the Wonder,
And you speak with words of thunder,
You're the One whose voice can calm the stormy sea.

You're the Prince of Peace, forever,
You're the Spirit ceasing never,
You have been and are and evermore shall be!

You're the lamp that's ever guiding
Spirit Song with us abiding,
And you hold us as the apple of your eye.

You're the fragrance that is lifting,
You're the harvester who's sifting,
Wheat from chaff, your chosen race to purify. 

Sharing at the Savior's Table (The Body and the Blood)


Scattered sinners, now the Chosen,
We remember, we relive His sacrifice.
Saving moment, reenacted, 
With thanksgiving for he paid the highest price.

Pass the plate and cup, remember
Share with brothers and with sisters sacred joy,
We are joined, a Church united,
With a bond that nothing ever can destroy.

No division, wondrous oneness,
Living out this meal a thankful holy race.
Touched by Grace, a faithful family
Of the one who came to earth to take our place.


We are gathered at the table,
In the presence of the Lord of all the Earth.
Sacred union, thankful children
Celebrate the perfect hour of our rebirth.

Broken body, lifeblood shedding,
Holy sacrifice of God's eternal Son.
Living shewbread, cup of promise,
Let us join the sacred meal that makes us one.


Taste and See the Lord's true goodness,
Broken bread and poured out wine to conquer sin.
Flesh and blood our lives to nourish,
Sharing at the Savior's table, gathered in.


On the night of darkest treason,
Jesus took the loaf of bread and cup of wine,
Shared his life with his disciples,
Gave it up to make salvation yours and mine.

Share the bread and wine of blessing,
For His flesh and blood He calls us to consume.
From the field and from from the vineyard,
From the One who died and rose up from the tomb.

Oh the Savior's perfect pleasure,
Planted on the earth to dwell among the lost.
Purest sign, communion table,
Come partake and know the Savior's greatest cost.

High Praise

There's a river flowing free and we're caught in the swell,
We have past through raging storms with a story to tell,
We will spread His holy Word to the ends of the earth,
Until every searching heart has been washed in rebirth.

We will worship with our hearts and our hands in the air,
And our voices raised in song, ev'ry note a new prayer,
To the King of all the earth all our honor is due,
We await the coming dawn when the world is made new!



Hymns, music, songs we raise,
In our endless dance of praise,
No more fear and no more doubt,
Stand and lift your voices - SHOUT! (X 4)

We will sing our praising song, 'til the Savior returns,
Words that rise up in our hearts, with the fire that burns,
So with all our heart and strength and with all of our will,
Our sweet chorus will resound and the earth it will fill...


There's a Spirit in this place that has captured our souls,
There's an ember in our hearts so let's stir up the coals,
Let the fire ignite, and let the praising begin,
Come and join in our new song, we will welcome you in.

For the people of the Lord have a reason to sing,
The procession has begun, and it's led by the King,
And our victory is sealed, by the cross and the crown,
We're the pure and spotless bride, righteous is our gown.


Let's make a joyful noise, let's give a shout,
We know the reason and there is no doubt,
Once we were bound, but we've been set free,
We serve a mighty God, we're family.

We come to celebrate, we come to praise,
We are the faithful ones, these are our days,
He is our Captain and He is our Lord,
Faith is our shield and Gospel our sword.

Come - This is our community,
Rise - Sing out for our unity.
Leave - All of your lonely ways,
Shout - It's time for High Praise!



Coffee Break


We have come here to this haven heavy-laden with the world,
We have entered in as travelers on the Way,
Warmth and words have now revived us, deep inside us, set us free,
And we journey on as family today…

Songs of angels, whispered wishes, gentle prayers and deepest praise,
Here within this fragile family, living out our faith-filled days,
Seeking strength in common purpose, standing firm against the foe,
Nourished now with Word and Worship, faith to faith and seed to grow.

As the notes become an echo in the quiet of this pause,
As we join in love united to our Master’s truest cause,
May we seek the strength of sharing in the cup filled full of grace,
May we gather on another day here in this sacred space.

Repeat Chorus twice…

If you’re weary from the journey, come and rest a while to be,
Where our cup is full of wisdom and the refills always free.
In a room that shines with firelight from a candle’s gentle glow,
As the songs of rescued poets speak of love we now bestow.

Faith and friendship at our table, simple smiles to give and hold,
Sharing quiet conversation, memories made and stories told,
Breaking bread with worthy brothers, dearest sisters, faithful friends,
Sweet communion, celebration of the life that never ends. 


Come and break from the journey, taste the joy and drink it up.
Leave your sorrows in the bottom with the grounds inside your cup.
For the melody sings sweetly, and the words ring oh so true,
There’s a spot here at our table, and we’ve saved it just for you.


Troubled child alone and fearful, hidden hurts within the heart,
Poet pouring out a story, pain’s demise and brand new start,
Moving moment, poignant presence, sitting safe in Love’s embrace,
Finding freedom in surrender, sweet redeemer’s saving grace.
Gentle touch upon a shoulder, tender words to soothe the soul,
Love and laughter meeting heartache, empty days are now made whole,
Finding friendship on the journey, sharing songs of life restored,
Voices raised in praise of mercy, to a sweet and gentle Lord.


The Narrow Road

There is a road, its path is trodden by the few,
A narrow road, with heaven's vistas in its view, 
I walk the road and see my journey's joyful end,
For on that road I met my Savior and my friend.

And though each step may surely try me, I still know the Way is true,
For on that road my Savior died for me and you.


Oh, can I walk the way to Calvary, can I follow to the cross,
Wear the yoke of joyful slavery, bear the light and easy load?
There is One who left a throne room and considered all a loss,
To give me grace and mercy on the Narrow Road!






And when I fall, a brother lends his sturdy hand,
A sister's words can soothe my soul and help me stand,
For in the bond that true believers truly share,
We find our voice to utter praise and offer prayer.

For there is power in the journey giving life to all we do,
The power of the One who died for me and you.


The years have brought me times of joy and times of woe,
His grace it lights the path and points the way to go, 
It shines upon the narrow road before my feet,
And blinds the enemy hell-bent on my defeat.

The light it shines within my heart a brilliant, bloody crimson hue,
The color of the blood He shed for me and you. 


There's life and death and discipline along the narrow road,
There's laughter, love and tears and treasure too.
Dear Lord, of all the lessons learned, there's one that always will remain,
I know I'm traveling this narrow road with you!

And when the end of my life's journey, shall arrive,
When one last hill remains that I have yet to strive,
And all the vigor of my youth has left my frame,
Please give me strength to move a mountain in your name!

For it is only by His Spirit we press on to follow through,
To where our Savior gave His life for me and you!

Chorus Two...

Oh, has my journey to the cross been worth the pain that I have borne?
Have I run the race with courage, reaped the harvest that I sowed,
In my Savior's eyes I see the shades of Resurrection Morn,
The journey's end upon His perfect Narrow Road!

Psalm 111

Your wonders you summon again to our minds,
For yours is compassion and righteousness true,
As we stand in reverence and pure, holy fear,
For all that we need is established in you.

We see the power of your mighty works,
You the inheritance from many lands,
Your covenant shown, so faithful and just


Your workings are steadfast, and faithful and right,
Redemption provided, your Glory our gain,
Ordained from eternity, awesome to hold,
Your promise established, forever you reign.

Fear, the foundation of Wisdom and Praise,
Those who will follow your precepts can see,
Your vision is true, your power will last

I praise you my Father with all of my heart,
With all of my heart I will lift up your name,
Within the assembly the upright will stand,
Extolling the One who is ever the same.

Great are your works and majestic your deeds,
Pondered by all who in you take delight
Your Righteousness lives, your Glory endures


The Fear of the Lord is my Wisdom,
The deeds of the Lord, my delight,
Forever I lift up my sweet song of praise,
To the One who is Faithful and Right…

Your power and precepts are perfect,
Poured down on the righteous who shine,
Your covenant given, ordained from above,
Awesome and holy, eternally mine!


people _59_.jpg

In Sorrow’s Path

The Way was clear to you,
The cross your only view,
Scorned its shame, for your name,
You hung for our iniquity…

For in your love you gave,
Your life our souls to save,
Bore the pain, for our gain,
You walked the path to set us free…

Final Chorus…

You’re the One who stood within the breach,
You lived your life within our reach,
Saved a helpless sinner by your grace.

For your love has made me so much more,
I wait for all you have in store,
When in heaven I will take my place.

I will walk the weary way as you have called me,
On your narrow road whatever may befall me,
Knowing you have saved me from the coming wrath…

For in suffering your Grace it purifies me,
And my sure salvation you will not deny me,
Thank you for the joy through this my Sorrow’s Path…

In sorrow’s path I stand,
A dry and weary land,
Deep despair, cannot bear
The crushing weight that pulls me down…

Where is the way to turn,
Where truth I can discern?
Fragile child, running wild
And still I long to wear my crown…


Be the One who stands within the breach,
The God who lies within my reach,
I am just a sinner saved by grace.

For I know that I am made for more,
A saint now bound for heaven’s shore, 
Where I’ll see your shining holy face.

I will walk the weary way until you call me,
On your narrow road whatever may befall me,
Knowing I am set apart from coming wrath…

Girl Sad B.jpg

For in suffering your Grace will purify me,
My salvation is made sure, death can’t deny me
Of the joy here at the end of Sorrow’s Path…


So save me and inspire,
Pour out the Spirit’s fire,
Offer hope, help me cope
With all that wounds my fragile soul…

For only you can raise,
My lips your name to praise,
Come defend, to the end
The one who longs to be made whole…


Forever New

My Savior true your death it rent the veil in two,
My heart as well you rent when I was filled with you.
For I was blind and deaf and lame, yet now I’m healed,
And in your Spirit I am now forever sealed.

How can I now ignore your call, it will remain,
To live is Christ and one day death will be my gain.
So I will share your Word and Gospel all my days,
And marvel in the wonder of your perfect ways.


So children come and join the feast in Heaven’s hall,
And meet the One who saved you from the crippling fall.
For you are lost and laden down with sin’s remorse,
Yet in His arms your future hope has set its course.

O Living Word come touch these souls in need of you,
And bring each child to live in peace where life is new.
So they like I can know the wonder of your peace,
And live as one where love and joy shall never cease.


O Holy Breath, our God made flesh, Eternal Word,
Our saving song, the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard.
O purest love who to the earth in meekness came,
We take delight as we proclaim your holy name.


O Saving Son, The Son of God, The Son of Man,
You formed our race within the grace of your great plan.
You stretched your hands in sacrifice upon the cross,
And with your dying you redeemed our sin and loss.


Who am I that love so deep should touch my tortured soul?
Why should you my Savior pure descend to make me whole?
I am so unworthy, yet – you poured your love on me!
Drew me to the cross so that your blood could set me free!

Deeper still than darkest night and brighter than the sun!
With your dying I am healed and with your people one!
You are wholly perfect, yet – I now belong to you!
Part of your great family, and now forever new!


What a Joy

Precious Lord, O Son of God,
On this lowly earth you trod,
Dwelt with man and walked the path to Calv’ry’s hill…

Hung in shame for all our sin,
Our eternal home to win,
Bore the cross to satisfy the Father’s will.

Lord, I never can repay,
Nor can I conceive the day,
When in heaven I behold my Savior’s face…

And for all of heaven's days,
I will lift my voice in praise,
For the One who came to earth to take my place.

What a joy to be found,
Standing firm on solid ground,
On the rock, our firm foundation, Christ the Lord…

For the price of salvation,
My grave sin’s reparation,
Is a debt that my poor soul could ne’er afford.

JD-I Man D.jpg

Let the storm loudly rage,
I am written on His page,
I am sealed and I am graven on His hand…

Though the worldly way be wide,
With my Savior by my side,
I will walk His path straight to the Promised Land.

Living water, O so Pure,
For my sin a perfect cure,
Drawn with tender hand from Spirit’s mighty well…

And its taste is O so sweet,
Vict’ry raised from sin’s defeat,
Saved me from the sting of death and pain of Hell.

Standing Strong with God Our Savior

In His name I see your heart through heaven's vision,
There's no way to hide the beauty in your soul.
We are joined in this our glorious salvation,
Though we once were broken He has made us whole!
No more sorrow, no more living with the nightmare,
We are made a new creation by His grace,
Though the world may try to test us by its hatred,
We now dwell where we will ever see His face.

Chorus Three...

Welcome brother, welcome sister to the family,
Where we stand as one against the enemy.
For despite the many arrows he may send you,
In our Savior we are safe and we are free.
Seek His strength to face the challenges of living,
Seek His love to bear the trials and the pain,
We will share the narrow road towards the city,
Where our Savior, risen now, will always reign!

To the one who woke this morning weak and weary,
Night of darkness, demons, distance and despair,
To the one who has to face the day in sorrow,
Cold rejection, cruel taunting, words unfair.
Though the spitting tongues of vipers spew their venom,
And their ceaseless slashing words may tear your soul,
They can never break the inner child inside you.
If you set before your eyes another goal.


Chorus One...

Seek the path that leads towards the crucifixion,
Where the One who bears your burdens laid them down.
Look upon the Suffering Servant, Man of Sorrows,
It is He who bore your pain and won your crown.
In His wounds He holds each moment of your suff'ring,
And the taunting you've endured rests on His brow,
For the worst of human cruelty could not break Him,
And the deepest, darkest grave is empty now!

Dearest child He knows each moment of your suff’ring,
He has numbered every hair upon your head,
Though you think Him distant, No! He's right beside you,
As you bleed, remember, for your pain He bled.
When the world believes you've finally lost the battle,
And can never see the beauty deep inside,
Just remember that the Savior loves His children,
And to save you is the reason that He died.

Chorus Two...

Fall before the One who fell for you at Calv'ry,
Let Him take your pain and burdens far away.
Rise with Him as we await our Resurrection,
Look with hope upon the promised Judgment Day.
For He's sealed you in His heart in heaven's ledger,
There's a place for you beside His mighty throne,
Take your stand against the ones who will discard you,
For the Son of God your life has made his own!

Your Mighty Healing Love

No more sorrow or regret,
For you have paid the greatest debt.
Hung upon the sin-cursed tree,
The punishment reserved for me.

Living waters swept me up,
Your grace my portion and my cup.
Overflowed into my soul,
As I consumed you made me whole.


Plunged in water, raised anew,
My sins forgiven all by you.
All my life you’ll be my guide,
My Savior standing by my side.

As I travel on this road,
You share your light and easy load.
I will ever walk with you,
On heaven’s shores where life is new.


When I’m lost and all alone,
You are the One I’ve always known.
When the darkness covers me,
Your purest light will set me free.

In my shame, your grace restores,
For in the storm you’re heaven’s shores.
Broken heart your love will mend,
From First to Last, until the end.


Jesus Master, Holy brother,
You are Savior, there's no other.
Draw me nearer my strong tower,
Show your love and your great power.

I can never come to measure,
Such a pure and perfect treasure,
Sent to earth from heav’n above…
In your Mighty Healing Love!

Comfort - C.jpg

Forgiven and Free

When it’s cold outside,
When I’m full of pride,
There’s a place I hide,

Where the lost are found,
Where the Spirit’s sound – 

Fills my soul…
Makes me whole…
Brings me here…

In Eternity,
Where my eyes can see,
How I’ve been set free,

To become your child,
No more running wild –

Here I’ll stay…
Narrow way…
Crystal clear…


Lord I surrender; make me like you,
Drown me to sin and raise me anew,
Cleanse me with fire; cure me like gold,
You are my treasure to have and to hold.

Jesus my Savior, truest dear friend,
With you forever, world without end,
Miracle moment, how can this be?
Promised redemption, forgiven and free!


My soul you redeem,
Poor child’s fullest dream,
Purest living stream,

Where I’m plunged in death,
Raised by Spirit’s breath – 

Life anew…
Here with you… 
Endless song…

Lord please come take hold,
Draw with grace so bold,
Sheep into your fold,

Shepherd Good and True,
Savior King are you –

Precious Lamb…
Great I AM…
Shepherd strong… 



Solid rock for sinners…
Refuge of the lost…
I have found my rest…
For you paid the cost…

On the tree…
All for me…
Love Divine…

Seed to sow…
Life to grow…
Branch and vine…

Love fulfilled…
Heart is stilled…
He is mine!





Jesus Lamb.jpg

Meet Me

You stand on the edge of a hundred tomorrows,
And look back with awe on the length of this road,
Where summits of joy and deep valleys of sorrows,
Are dotted with fields of the harvests you sowed.

Your streets, child, are littered with memories of pain,
Of countless missteps and your failings so clear,
Now washed in the tears of regret like the rain,
So rusted by anger and tarnished by fear.

Is there any place where the bitter is sweet?
A refuge of rest from the heat of the day?
You stand at a crossroads in utter defeat,
But I your true Savior now say –

Chorus One…

Meet me on the path of your deepest despair,
Close your eyes for a moment and look – I am there.
Let go of your load on this long winding road,
My burden is one you can bear.

Meet me on the way to the mountain’s high peak,
Where I am the prize and the treasure you seek.
Come stand by my side, always here to abide,
For strong is the one who is weak.

The trials you face are a testing by fire,
A furnace to temper your spirit like gold,
To cleanse every wound is my deepest desire,
So take up your cross, it is yours now to hold.

Your world can transform to a kingdom of peace,
A haven of joy where life’s meaning is found,
Let go all your burdens and find your release,
Stand firm on the footing of rock solid ground.

Come join in the feast at the table with me,
Come you who are weary, find rest for your soul,
Your sins are forgiven, your spirit set free,
And you are made holy and whole – 

Chorus Two…

Meet me in the place where the lost find their way,
When you knock at the door, I will open today.
Enter in and be filled, let your crying be stilled,
Come join in an endless new day.

Meet me at the cross and the empty new tomb, 
Where power shines forth like new birth from the womb, 
Speaking words with new voice, as with praise you rejoice, 
My fire descends to consume. 

Meet me – I am Life, Truth, and Way... 
Meet me – I am endless new day... 
Meet me – I am Spirit and fire... 
Meet me – Find your truest desire! 


Though I was the Son, with the Godhead one form,
I made myself nothing and came to the earth,
I walked in obedience, the path to the cross and the grave…

And yet with a word I could calm every storm,
I died so my children could have a new birth,

I rose on the third day, for I had the power to save…

My love, I your Savior, your friend and your brother,
Will carry my people to their final rest,
Forever to praise me, your God and no other,
So enter the feast a redeemed wedding guest.

Come child to the Kingdom, the feast is prepared,
My Bride is made ready, her garment is pure,
The curse has been lifted; your life has been spared,
And your soul’s salvation forever is sure.

So seek first my kingdom for there you will find,
Provision and pardon, and joy without end,
For I am your Shepherd, so loving and kind,
And you are my people, and I your true friend –

Chorus Three…

Meet me by the river where sin is removed,
And rise from the stream as a workman approved.
Born to live a new life, without worry or strife,
On the rock that can never be moved.

Meet me where the road becomes narrow and sure, 
Where the few will find heaven and blessings so pure.
Let go all of your doubt, with your voice give a shout, 
In the place where our love will endure.

Comfort - A.jpg





Meet me – I am God's Only One... 
Meet me – I am Bright Morning Sun... 
Meet me – I am Shepherd and Guide... 
Meet me – Where the saints all abide... 


Meet me – I am all that you need…
Meet me – I am sower and seed…
Meet me – I am sun, wind and rain…
Meet me – Find your harvest again!

Never More Beautiful


For all that matters to your soul my Love, means just as much to me,
It’s all been filtered through my mighty, loving hand,
So bring your pain and desperation, Dear, and I will set you free,
And we will walk like lovers to the Promised Land…

The day begins again, the trials remain, the pain is only passing through,
But Darling don’t you know your scars will heal, so steal my joyful love for you,
And walk the burning pathway through the fire, desire the better holy place,
And one day maybe they will see the light, and bright will be your precious face.

So take my gentle hand and walk the road, your load no longer weighs you down,
And trade your cuts and scars for love instead; your head deserves a saintly crown,
You will press on to win the holy prize your eyes have now begun to see,
And live the perfect promise now that speaks and seeks to set your spirit free.

No matter where the road may lead, come walk my way, 
For love is spilling out from deep within your soul,
And there will be an even better, brighter day,
And in the end I promise Love, you’ll be made whole.

Chorus Three...

Pick up the precious Word and let its healing fill you, 
To feed you bread, to guide you on the narrow road, 
Come feel the Spirit’s breath and let His whisp’rings still you, 
And fan to life the flame and break this heavy load.

You’re a seed your Savior Sowed…

‘Cause when the two of us connect where it still matters, 
It’s more profound than any single heart could know,
It’s in surrender that the mask you’re wearing shatters, 
And you feel free to let your inner spirit flow - 

And you never are more beautiful…than when you let it show…
Oh Love, you never are more beautiful…than when you let it show!




She’s just a lonely girl, her hair and dress a mess, so lost, or so it seems,
She walks the halls alone, and no one there will care to hear her silent screams,
Up in her room, her tow’r, she locks away this day of pain and self-abuse,
She lifts the blade and cries, as she looks for one more sad suicide excuse...

She’ll write a sonnet on her tender skin, her sin the only voice that’s real,
As drops of scarlet fall like dirty rain, the pain to cut her deadly deal,
Will she one fateful day just go too far, a star that falls from blackest sky,
Will they find her when morning they awake and shake their heads as they ask why...

Her desperation cries within her pounding heart,
As she looks to the sky for some celestial sign,
And in the darkest hour she lays like broken art,
She’s just so sick and tired of saying she’s just fine.

Chorus One...

Put down the knife and rise again my precious daughter, 
The mirror of your life is full of shadowed lies,
But look inside where I’m refreshing Living Water, 
And let me come and dry your soulful salt-worn eyes - 

Don’t you ever compromise…

‘Cause when the two of us connect where it still matters, 
It’s more profound than any single heart could know,
It’s in surrender that the mask you’re wearing shatters, 
And you feel free to let your inner spirit flow - 

And you never are more beautiful…than when you let it show…

Girl Sad G.jpg

The moment passes now, her heart is still, to will away the daily trial,
Once more she’ll cover up her scars, replace her face with her synthetic smile,
And as she stands up to another day to pay the cost of her betrayal,
She’ll guard her beating heart with tender care and stare the world down through her veil...

And yet that tender voice within her sings and brings a gentle ray of hope,
That her dark pain will one day cease, release her soul and she will cope,
And so she presses on, to win the prize her eyes can now begin to see,
For there’s a perfect promise now that speaks and seeks to set her spirit free...

No matter what the day may bring she holds the line,
For hope is burning once again within her soul,
It’s not a thing that she can easily define,
But all she knows is that she longs to be made whole.

Chorus Two...

The race is slow but I am with you as you travel,
I’ll be with you to help you reach your journey’s end,
So let the pain and purpose for your life unravel,
And seek to find the God who longs to be your friend. 

Like a reed you need to bend...

‘Cause when the two of us connect where it still matters, 
It’s more profound than any single heart could know,
It’s in surrender that the mask you’re wearing shatters, 
And you feel free to let your inner spirit flow - 

And you never are more beautiful…than when you let it show…