My latest project is a pre-teen novel series called The Lina Rose Five Senses Sleuth Mysteries.

Meet Lina Rose McAdams: an ordinary girl who is gifted with extraordinarily sensitive senses. She can recall details in a scene or picture she has seen only once. She can pick out individual sounds in a room full of noise. She can know the ingredients in any recipe with only one taste. She can tell the condition of an object simply by touch. But keenest of all, Lina Rose can know what’s lingering in the air around her with one good sniff. And, if you match those special skills with the collection of facts and figures inside Lina Rose’s head that include everything from writing to wristwatches, you have one powerful mystery-solving mega-girl. Yes, Lina Rose is what her friends call a Five Senses Sleuth, for she often uses her distinctive detective skills to help solve all sorts of perplexing puzzles and complicated cases for her family and friends. It's what she and the members of the “Crime Fighters’ Club” like to do more than anything else in the world. The girls know they're in for an action-packed adventure whenever Lina Rose utters the words: “Ladies – It smells like a case!” Whether she is vanquishing a menacing villain or matching wits with her “arch nemesis” Emily Jenkins and her trio of troublemakers, LaKeisha Thompson, Erica Sellers and Melissa Price, Lina Rose will use her perceptive powers to solve the case and provide plenty of good times for herself and her three forever faithful friends!

Here is a sample of some of the stories in the series...

The Ming Middle School Mystery It’s a time of new beginnings for Lina Rose McAdams and her best buds: Carissa Caruthers and Amanda Longcroft, and their newest friend, Ming Sung, a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong. Today is the first day of middle school for the Five Senses Sleuth and her crime-solving companions, but their arch nemesis, Emily Jenkins, along with her trio of tricksters: LaKeisha Thompson, Erica Sellers and Melissa Price, are out to break up this fabulous foursome in any way they can. When Ming’s 100-year-old River Dragon pendant goes missing at the Metropolitan Middle School Annual Ice Cream Social, it’s up to Lina Rose to pull together the evidence and get a true “picture” of who’s behind the crime! With a little help from her friends and some inspiration from Ming’s favorite Hong Kong teacher, Sister Mary Clementine, this daring pre-teen detective will have all she needs to bring down the bad guys and recover the purloined pendant before it’s too late!

The The Myron Morris Misadventure It’s time for St. Joseph Church’s annual Fall Harvest Festival, and Lina Rose and her best buds are ready to help out with the special Children’s Harvest Party. Their good times are interrupted when Myron Morris, a new kid in town, decides to create a whole lot of mischief at Metropolitan Middle School for Amanda. At the same time, there’s a “Festival Phantom” who has showed up at the church and is causing some unrest for the Father Anthony Finelli, the girl’s favorite clergyman. With the ongoing pranking at school and the mysterious happenings at the church, Lina Rose and her gal pals will have a tough time catching the crafty culprits and restoring the fun back to the festival, but Lina Rose is ready to learn that sometimes the best way to solve a mystery is to make some inner changes as well!

The Botched Breakfast Bonanza There’s trouble afoot in the Metropolitan Middle School cafeteria and lunch lady Gertie Floyd’s reputation is on the line. Someone’s messing with the menu for the upcoming “Big Breakfast Bonanza” and it’s up to Lina Rose and her band of cocoa-consuming companions to figure out who it is. Can the girls catch the culprit, restore Gertie's reputation and save the school’s latest fundraiser from disaster before it’s too late? Join Lina Rose as she cooks up some justice as only she and the members of the Crime Fighters’ Club can!

The Christmas Crèche CaperIt’s time for the tenth annual production of Sweet River Baptist Church’s Christmas Pageant, and Lina Rose and her three festive friends have been chosen to sing in the Heavenly Host Choir. This year, the focal point of the event will be the Church’s fully restored, hand-carved Christmas crèche. The beautiful Nativity scene was a gift to Pastor Jenkins and his family from his father, who unfortunately, went home to heaven; and his family, especially Emily Jenkins, misses him so. When holiday humbugs try to steal the season’s good will, not to mention the Baby Jesus, there’s only one saintly superhero who’s able to follow the Christmas clues and discover the reason behind the season’s un-merry theft. Can Lina Rose and her band of true believers get the Baby Jesus back to his rightful place in time for Christmas? And, can Lina Rose help Emily find the faith she needs to believe again in what Christmas is all about? With a bit of belief and a holiday miracle, the little town of Winsome Falls will be celebrating the Yuletide with joy once more!

The Snow Day Showdown There is nothing so exciting to Lina Rose and her frosty forever friends than their annual “Snow Day Extravaganza.” But this year someone’s putting the freeze on the fun! A visit from Myron Morris’ smooth-talking “French” cousin Jean Luke puts the chill on the girls’ Snow Day plans and leads to an all-out war of pranking, thievery and snow shoveling scams! It’s up to Lina Rose and her snowball-tossing buds to catch the culprit and out-prank Emily Jenkins and her trio of troublemakers before the Snow Day fun runs out! With the help of family and friends, and a little trickery, this phony Frenchman won’t slip slide away!

The History Day Hysteria With the big regional History Day competition coming up, Lina Rose and her history-loving helpers have their eye set on the big prize. But the past becomes hard to present when slideshows, webpage projects and dramas from students at Metropolitan Middle School keep mysteriously messing up. Will these projects simply become history or is sabotage somehow involved; and will the girls’ multi-media manifesto be next? Join the Super Senses Sleuth and her sassy sidekicks as they seek to solve the mystery before history repeats itself and they’re locked out of the competition for good e town of Winsome Falls will be celebrating the Yuletide with joy once more!

The Rodney Rodent RescueRodney Rodent is one madcap tune-crooning mouse, the star of Grace Ann’s favorite after school T.V. show. But maniacal menaces have put this mouse in a trap and it looks like there’s no escape! Something has been stolen and Rodney is being framed for the felony! With the help of Lina Rose and her crime-fighting companions, Rodney may just have a chance to clear his name and save his reputation. With her Super Senses Lina Rose will work through the maze of clues and find the cheesy culprits who are responsible for the crime! It’s a race to rescue this loveable T.V. icon and spring a trap that will catch the rascally rats behind the frame up. Lina Rose is determined to teach the bad guys that no one messes with her little sis’ favorite mouse!

The Principal-for-a-Day Predicament – The end of the school year is rolling around and Metropolitan Middle School’s annual “Principal-for-a-Day” event is just two days away! When Lina Rose is chosen for the position over an eighth-grader, it sparks an insidious and sneaky plan of revenge from Stanley Stukenburg, self-proclaimed “bad boy” of the graduating class. He and his gang of “up-to-no-good” henchmen will do anything to mess up the day and make Lina Rose look bad. But, with a lot of planning from her courageous team of body-snatching, picture-taking student cronies, Lina Rose may just have the edge she needs to expose this crafty criminal and deliver a day of fun the whole school will remember for years to come! This is one loony leadership challenge that will have the Five Senses Sleuth and her band of trusty sidekicks pulling out all the stops in order to put this band of bad guys in their place!