Relational Youth Ministry: a Core-Team Model is a resource to help transform your church's youth group into a comprehensive, relational style of youth ministry that is grounded in the Scriptures and in good common sense. Central to this transformation is a process for forming and training a core team of young people and adults for leadership. The book includes all the tools you'll need to set up your team, plan a mission, and get going on a rich and relational ministry to youth! Published by St. Mary's Press, Winona, MN. 


Parable Players: A Comprehensive Approach to Drama Ministry with Youth is a unique approach to preparing a team of youth and adults for drama ministry. Based on a relational model, the book contains three sections: A Leader's Guide that spells out the principles and practices of the ministry, a 3-Day Drama Ministry Training Retreat to immerse your team in the training model, and a Collection of Time-tested Skits, covering everything from mimes to large theater-style projects. The basic idea of the book is that Drama creates an open door for ministry with teens. After engaging in the dramas, the team can follow up with their audience with discussions, prayer, small group ministry and other activities. The materials contain all you'll need to set up a comprehensive Drama Ministry. It is based on years of real-life experience working with young people doing drama for ministry. For more information, see the Youth and Family Ministry section of the website. Published by Mark C. McCann.


Stories at the Crossroads contains 7 powerful stories of hope and healing with a common theme. Each presents a character who is struggling and must come to terms with their own inner spiritual turmoil. Each one must come to a crossroad, a point of decision, where the person will surrender to something greater in order to find wholeness and rebirth. The message of the stories is clear: the only way to find the answers burning within is to yield to the Savior's gentle calling, to give up oneself in order to accept the love, forgiveness, and life-restoring power that only He can give. Published by Mark C. McCann. 


Waiting in Joyful Hope: an Advent Devotional contains a series of daily meditations on the season of Advent, taken from readings in the Word. Advent is a season of waiting. While we wait to celebrate the coming of Christ into the world, we reflect on the nature of the Incarnation and our place in salvation history. The prophets foretold that Jesus would come. Someday He will come again. Let us prepare for His coming by prayer and hearts focused on the great sign of Christmas! Published by Mark C. McCann


The Lonely Soul's Joyful Journey is a unique Lenten Devotional. When Jesus began his earthly ministry, He spent 40 days in the desert, fasting and praying as he prepared to live out the purpose for which He came. He faced the hunger and temptation and desolation of the wilderness and came out renewed and ready to walk the road that ultimately led to Calvary. As you take this 40-day journey, take time to reflect on your life and your relationship to your Heavenly Father. May this time of quiet contemplation bring you into a deeper communion with Christ and help you to understand and live out your purpose as His child! Published by Mark C. McCann. 


In the time of the Great Tribulation, the false messiah has set up the ultimate experiment in world domination at a small military prison outside the city of Jerusalem. But everything changes when Jacob, a “privileged” prisoner, finds on the body of a smiling dead soldier the one book that will forever alter his vision of things to come and serve to usher in the final age of mankind. More than just an apocalyptic story, Jacob’s Dream: The Vision explores the intersection of God’s redemptive plan for humanity and the role of regular broken people in the final chapter of history. It is a parable about God redeeming one hardened soul for His purposes, a message everyone should take to heart. Published by Mark C. McCann.


Jacob's Dream: The Final Battle continues the story of Jacob. The believers at the Jerusalem prison have discovered that the Beast has an insidious plan to use technology to create a mass counterfeit illusion – the biggest lie the world will ever know. The believers must continue to seek out the marvelous plan God has given them through Jacob’s vision, in order to stand against the lies of the son of Satan.Jacob has been asked to be the first at the prison to make a public declaration of loyalty to the Beast. This is the crucial moment when the Truth and the vision given to Jacob must shine through. Jacob must remain true to Yeshua, and continue to help the believers multiply and grow in strength and unity as they prepare for the epic battle that is to come. This is the showdown between God and Satan, between good and evil, and in the end, there can only be one victor. In faith, the believers will persevere as they await the Great Day of Yeshua's Coming! Published by Mark C. McCann.


Many of these stories were voiced and read over radio station WIHS in Middletown, CT

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