I worked for 8 years as a radio host and producer for Christian radio station WIHS in Middletown, CT. During that time I wrote and produced a number of audio dramas, many based on the short stories I had written. I've included a sampling here below. Two of my favorite stories, See the Baby and Greater Love, are featured in the VIDEO section because I have since added a video slide show to each. 

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The soul of a good story is brought out in its telling. A gifted reader, well-trained actors and good sound effects can help to make a story come alive. All of it is brought together in professional audio editing. Although I learned much of the technical aspects of the craft as a radio producer, the truth of the matter is, most of what I do with audio is more art form than tech. I've learned how to listen for the right sound as well as how to place it within the audio session and how to take what is sometimes less than perfect sound and tweak it as I weave it into the project. I hope you enjoy the sample programs I've included below.

Every Season's Change - Jimmy, a struggling trucker, is driving home in a blizzard, searching for answers to life and finding a little divine help on the other end of a CB radio. Will the winter of his life lead to a new and eternal spring?

Ears to Hear - Amanda, a thoughtful young girl who cherishes all the sounds around her, is losing her hearing. But with the help of a good friend, she learns to listen to the still small voice of God.

See the Baby - A young boy named Adam is moved deeply when he learns that his neighbor and family friend, Mrs. Miriam, has lost her son in the war. It is Christmas, a time when we see the baby Jesus in the manger. But as Adam reaches out to Mrs. Miriam, he comes to discover a new way to see the baby for all He truly is. (Also available in the VIDEO section)

Shepherd’s Watch - Micah is a young boy who is now old enough to sit with the men who keep watch over the flocks by night. As he speaks with his father about what it means to be a shepherd, he learns important lessons about the One who is the Good Shepherd of men. These lessons will carry him to the moment when a blessed angel will come with Good News! (Also available in the VIDEO section)

Violent Peace - David is a young husband and father who is just coming back to work at a psychiatric unit after losing a patient to suicide. He is finding it a little tougher than he remembered as he encounters a new patient with very serious issues. With the help of his best friend, Father Peter, David learns that true peace comes out of the violence of the cross.

Greater Love - A touching retelling of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of a young woman. As she ponders the mystery Christ's death, her mind travels back to the scenes of the Passion. As she contemplates the great love of her Savior, the scenes of Christ's life are mingled with the scenes of His death, touching her heart. (Also available in the VIDEO section)

The Witnesses, I and II - The Witnesses is a new twist on the old, old story. It's a Passion Play, depicting the last hours of the life of Jesus, but told through the eyes of those who were there. Using the Scriptures as a guide, the full-length play remains true to the spirit of history and faith to offer a touching retelling of the Passion of Christ, one that will certainly have you thinking of your part in the story of salvation.